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26th Jul 2021

Everything we know about the three Irish islanders heading into Casa Amor

Fiona Frawley

We can’t deny it, this season has been pretty juicy so far.

But we all know the juiciness can only improve with the addition of some Irish blood into the mix – how could we forget Maura and Yewande’s noble contributions to the villa drama? Forever in our memories.

The producers obviously feel the same, and have made the wise decision to welcome not one, not two, but THREE Irish islanders in as part of Casa Amor. We’ve got 20 year old Salma from Dublin, 28 year old Kaila, also from Dublin and 26 year old Matthew from Belfast. Here’s all the goss we have on them so far.


Salma is a 20 year old blogger and model from Dublin and if she does say so herself, she’s a ten out of ten / the full package. We’d be inclined to agree. She says she’s never been in love and is looking for a genuine connection with someone. We’re not sure who she’s interested in yet but she’s confirmed she has absolutely no issue stepping on toes, and that boys being in a couple won’t stop her.


Kaila is a 28 year old DJ and based on the promo vid, is on board with the trend of underboob emphasising bikinis which defy the laws of gravity and challenge everything we as a modern society thought we knew about engineering. As far as she’s concerned, none of the couples in there are serious and she can take her pick of the boys. She describes herself as energetic and competitive, and tbh is giving off a bit of the “we’re gon take your man” energy we’ve seen before from Casa Amor gals who’ve been shipped off home shortly afterwards, but sure we’ll see.


26 year old Matthew is a strategic marketing consultant from Belfast, and has his eye on Kaz. Promising, until we hear he’s interested in her because of her ‘energy’. Why are these men allergic to saying she’s hot? The only one in there who acknowledges her sexiness is Liberty, and no matter how much we want it, we won’t be seeing the two of them get into a couple. Whoever he’s elected to run his insta while he’s away isn’t taking the job too seriously, they’ve used a screen shot of the Love Island insta post to announce his entry to the villa, and forgotten to crop it. Rookie error. Matthew is the third card-carrying 6foot6er to enter the villa, and while he doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes he’s “got big feet, so who knows”. Nice.

There are a handful of other stunning girls, the odd hot lad and one or two questionable additions, including Jack from Sussex who reckons that all you need to pull is “blue eyes, a good job and a bitta chat”. Yikes.

Header image via Instagram/DJ Kaila Troy/Matthew_Macnabb/Salma.naranx 

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