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26th Jul 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 24

Fiona Frawley

Now that I’m sitting down to write about this I’m a bit like wait… What actually happened last night?

Obviously we had the PE challenge, with Toby pumping those cartoon sized weights after his team lost to prove what a big boy he is. But before the dumping, did anything else really happen? At this stage we’re all so sweatin’ for Casa Amor that I think we zone out during any other irrelevant chats as a sort of coping mechanism.

The episode started with the aftermath of Jake asking Liberty to be his girlfriend, which has me deeply concerned for her safety and emotional wellbeing. He keeps egging her on to be more vulnerable, expose more emotions, meanwhile he sits there pointing and laughing loudly when she says she loves him? I can’t cope.

We saw a bit of Toby and Abigail then, whose relationship has foundations about as strong as a house from a ghost estate built during the Celtic Tiger. Weirdly, I could actually see Toby attempting to remain loyal to her during Casa Amor, and returning back to the village to have his wee heart crushed. But time will tell.

Hugo and Toby went for another chat, aka, Hugo sat Toby down and said, “when you talk during class it’s not just your work that suffers, everyone else’s does too”. Toby wouldn’t be the best at stringing a sentence together but in fairness, he very rightly told Hugo he should be focussing on his own relationships, not worrying about Toby’s.

Hugo continued his painful ~good guy~ graft of Chloe as we averted our eyes, and everyone got ready for bed.

I’ll fast forward through sports day and Hugo’s relentless patronising comments towards Toby (obviously we can all agree Toby’s actions recently haven’t been great but Hugo mate… can you leave it?)

The evening started with Millie hyping up Toby to have a chat with Chloe and clear the air.

Toby apologised, and I’d say Chloe is quietly pretty happy to be off babysitting duties. She also gave Abigail her blessing to crack on, and all was well.

Finally, at approximately 43 minutes in, the episode started. The islanders were told that the public have been voting for their favourite couples, and the couple with the least votes would be dumped. You’d have to assume Hugo has every PE class he’s ever taught at home voting for him, otherwise how could the man’s free holiday be continuing this long? The bottom two couples were Teddy and Faye and Aaron and Lucinda, and we all spent the entire ad break sweating at the concept of Faye, the queen of drama and and central character to all beef in the villa being dumped.

Luckily, Aaron and Lucinda were dumped in the end. Sad for Aaron as he’d redeemed himself in the last week or so since his days as a hairless arm lover, but I think we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief knowing we won’t have to hear the dull drone of “reeealllyyyyyy?” echo through Casa Amor.

Hugo rounded off the evening by making the moves on Chloe and being swiftly friend zoned.

We were then treated to a sneaky preview of the boys heading off to Casa Amor, and my heart breaks for the OG girls. I feel no one is safe. I’m hoping Faye & Teddy and Kaz & Tyler make it out alive, although I would quietly like to see the hell Faye would unleash if Teddy wronged her. Millie and Liam I feel will make it through no bother. I had resigned myself to the fact that Jake and Lib would survive as new girls tend to show no interest in him, but of course there’s a gorgeous blonde who considers her feet to be her best feature with her eye on him. If he does bail on Liberty, I’m just hoping she recovers quickly and moves onto another hottie, Matthew from Belfast perhaps? It’s what the people need.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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