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10 Signs You Have Found Your Sesh Soulmate

By Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

May 10, 2019 at 7:34am


There's one person in your life who has seen you through the good times... and the bad.

They have held you up when you have fallen down and they have always been there for a boogie when you need it.

Yes, we are talking about your sesh soulmate.

Your sesh soul mate is that special someone you've bonded with many a drink. You love going out for a night on the town together and are very aware of each other's levels, tolerance and intolerance to the drink.

Here's 10 ways of knowing that you guys are drinking buddies for life:

10. They are the first person you call

Sometimes you just need a night out on the town. Whether it's to let off some steam or just to socialise, this person will always be there to have your back. You know that no matter what mood you're in they will lift your spirits, so they are always the first person you think of while planning the night ahead.

Night's out together are always a winner.


9. They are your personal photographer

You've put a lot of effort in, you've styled your hair and dressed in your Sunday best, there's no better time to take an Instagram. You have absolutely no shame in asking your sesh soulmate to take 200+ photos while you pretend you're a model.

(We've all done it)


8. You're always on the same page

Being sesh soulmates, you've had more than a few nights out together. One of the reasons you mash so well together is that you guys like the same music and venues. There is never any drama between you guys because you like all the same places which makes planning a night out stress free.

7. They know your order

It's the simple things in life that bring us joy.

Having a mate who doesn't even have to ask you what you want from the bar it a tell tale sign that they're your perfect match. When you guys hit the bar you automatically start doing rounds, no need to have that awkward conversation.


6. They've got your back

Whether they're being your wingman/woman or helping you avoid that ex you REALLY don't want to bump into, your sesh soulmate is always on the ball. You guys know each other so well you can communicate in your own language.

Wink once - I want to get the shift, wink twice - they're a creep, let's go.


5. They know your level

Your sesh soulmate has seen you at your peak and at your pit.

They know exactly when the drink is starting to get the better of you and they'll be the first to hand you that pint of lukewarm tap water when you need it.

Where would we be without them?

4. You can always stay in theirs

You are so used to crashing in their gaff after a night out, you may as well leave a toothbrush and a pair of trackies there, if you haven't already. You have gotten to the stage where you don't even have to ask them if you can crash, it's already happening.

Likewise, they are always welcome to stay in yours. You don't care if your room is a kip or if there are dirty dishes left in the sink, they're your bestie there's no need to impress.


3. They'll hold your hair back

Sometimes we take it a little too far. Getting sick during or after a night out can be a little mortifying but having your mate close at hand to hold your hair back and prevent any spillage is key.

NO shame.

2. Hangover food

When you're dying of a hangover all you want in life is some greasy food. Your sesh soulmate will be the one who will run to the shop and get you a breakfast roll, a bottle of Lucozade, Diarolyte and some paracetamol.

You will have to repay the favour the next time though.

1. They know how to ease your FEAR

The fear is literally the worst feeling in the world. Where was I? What was I doing? Who was I kissing?

Your sesh soulmate is the perfect person to inform you of your actions without making you cringe. They will make you feel so much better and put the stress out of your mind.

They are literally the best person to have around after a night of one too many, even if they did inflict it upon you.

Have you got a sesh soulmate? Tag them to show your appreciation!


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