All 32 Irish Counties Ranked By Sheer Liveability

By James Fenton

August 17, 2017 at 4:45pm


House prices, weather, things to do, scenery and general craic. When it comes to picking a place to live, a lot of factors come into consideration.

Which Irish county is the right one for you? We've ranked all 32 based on the above factors and more and here's what we've come up with.

Agree with every ranking? That's actually insane.

Disagree? Let us have it in the comments! 

32. Fermanagh

Purely for the fact I had an Ireland county jigsaw as a kid and Fermanagh wasn't even included hence me not realising it was a county for years. 

31. Roscommon

Supposedly in the west but it hasn't even got a coastline.

30. Offaly

Smack bang in the centre like a neglected middle child. 

29. Monaghan

Again, where's the coastline?

28. Derry

It does get fierce cold up there. Plus we already gave them best accent. Can't have them getting too big for their boots. 

27. Tipperary

The invasion of hurling fans on Thurles ever summer would get right on our nerves and with Templemore ya'd just assume everyone was a trainee guard. 

26. Mayo

Who could put up with hearing about 'the curse' all year round?

25. Tyrone

Alright, it's got Lough Neagh but you'd need a coastline to be higher. Seeing a trend here?

24. Armagh

At least you're higher than Tyrone.

23. Dublin

Yeah you're right in the middle of the action but two words... HOUSE PRICES. 

22. Cavan

Virginia? Sure ya wouldn't know what country you're in. 

21. Down 

Now we're getting there with the coastlines. 

20. Longford

You'd be right under the radar. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you. 

19. Louth

Too rural for Dublin. Too close to Dublin to be truly rural. Make up yer minds.

18. Kildare

Read above. 

17. Sligo

The best surfing in the land. 

16. Meath

Cheap enough rent and near the capital. 

15. Wexford

Great scenery and gas folks. 

14. Carlow

It's got an actual Chocolate Garden, for Christ sake. 

13. Westmeath

Ya can't bate the Mullingar craic. 

12. Laois

As the old saying goes, 'all roads lead to Portlaoise' and you're never too far from a big city with Kilkenny, Dublin, Waterford and Limerick not too far away. 

11. Kilkenny

There's a reason why it's the stag and hen capital of Ireland. Plus you could do the Smithwicks tour every weekend. 

10. Limerick

Big city living without breaking the bank.

9. Clare

Wild atlantic winds and of course the home of The Burren.

8. Waterford

Ireland's oldest city. Great nightlife, great people and great blaas. 

7. Wicklow

Mountains, coast, the DART and great walks. What more could you want? 

6. Leitrim

The cheapest gaffs in the country and with no traffic lights you'll get to wherever you're going in no time. 

5. Donegal

As the song goes, we'd have our own Las Vegas, in the hills of Donegal.

4. Cork

No wonder no one ever wants to leave the the People's Republic 

3. Galway

Connemara for natural beauty and the city for the best craic in the country. 

2. Antrim

We shit you not, Antrim has some of the best landscapes in Ireland. Take a tour along the coast on a sunny day if you don't believe us. 

Also home to Belfast so great nightlife is never too far away. 

1. Kerry

Truly the Kingdom. Great views, great beaches, great sport and won't necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. 

Most importantly, it has some of the best pubs in the country. Who's coming with us? 

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