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20th Oct 2017

16 Very Painful Situations Everyone Faces In The Week Before Payday

James Fenton

And so begins the worst week of the month for most people. The week before payday. When decisions that seem like nothing earlier in the month turn into life and death situations. 

We have to get through it together until next week when we’ll be spending money like there’s no tomorrow all over again.

Will we ever learn? How many of these can you relate to? 

1. Take the bus or be able to afford lunch?

Walk for an hour or starve to death? 

2. Do you really need phone credit?

Those who truly care will call you. 

3. Filling your car up with €5 worth of petrol

That should be enough to get you out of the petrol station. 

4. The absolute fear of checking your bank balance 

Though it must be done.

5. Crisp sandwiches can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Crispy goodness. 

6. Going on a first date and having to pretend you’re not perennially broke

Oh it’s my round? How about we move on somewhere else? Like the park?

7. Using your credit card to buy beans 

And those painful few seconds where you pray it still works. 

8. Reminding your friend of that pint you bought them back in 2013 

Karma, bitch. 

9. Drinking alone on a Friday night in

Please. No judgies. 

10. And actively discouraging your friends from doing anything fun just because you’re broke 

Why would you want to eat food in a restaurant? 

11. Googling ‘free things to do’ every single day

And finding nothing. Ever. 

12. Screaming ‘shots!’ on a night out and hoping somebody else will pay for it

Of course I’ll buy the next one. *slides away from table never to return*

13. Tickets to see your favourite band are always released when you’re flat broke

No Killers for me. 

14. Literally counting the days until you can afford a hair cut 

Because you can’t see out your face.

15. Spending all the coins in your coin jar which you started three days ago

16. And finally, getting a taxi halfway home 

Just leave me here good sir, I can walk the last seven miles myself. 

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