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03rd Sep 2021

Feeling nostalgic? This insta page of old Irish ads has what you need

Fiona Frawley

Tuesday got you down? Us too.

There’s no better day for a bit of procrastination, and to cast an eye back to days gone by. Back to old Ireland, where nuns featured heavily in ad campaigns and you could find Roy Keane dressed up as a leprechaun at the end of any rainbow. A time before high quality cameras and a concept of the word cringe were in existence. Things were simpler then, and it’s a comfort to look back. Feel like taking a trip down memory lane? Here’s a round up of some of our absolute favourite old Irish ads, as curated by the iconic Classic Irish Ads insta page.

Bord na Móna – Peat Briquettes, 1986

I think everyone remembers this at times saucy Bord na Móna classic. Lap it up as many times as you can before everyones fave briquettes cease production in 2024.

Telecom Éireann – Jack Charlton, 1995

Iconic cartoon ad to launch the call waiting feature with help from national treasure Jack Charlton.

Telecom Éireann – Santa, 1995

Who remembers this little cutie giving her aul pal Santa a bell?

Lotto – Daniel O’Donnell, 1998

Would it be a nostalgic Irish list at all without a nod to wee Daniel?

Sqeez, 1998

C’mon everyone, sing it with me!

Lotto – D’Unbelievables, 1999

I can’t be the only one whose Dad responded to everything with “dat’s riiiight” for at least three years after this ad came out.

Daz – Grubby Affair, 2002

A young Chris O’ Dowd’s Ma making a show of him in front of his lady friends.

Permanent TSB – Mother In Law, 2006

Phil Leotardo casually popping up in this Permanent TSB ad from the mid noughties.

Barry’s Tea – Strangest, 2007

It wouldn’t be a list of Irish ads without including this one… would it?

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Take yourself on a deep dive through Irish history with a stalk of the insta page. It’s necessary viewing.

Header image via Instagram/adsirish 

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