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24th Aug 2021

Has Phoebe Bridgers been getting styling tips from Paul Mescal?

Fiona Frawley

You know what they say – couples always start to look like each other eventually.

Okay, we still don’t know for sure if Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal are officially an item or not, but after some flirty insta lives way back in lockdown one and pics of them together at the BAFTAs, we as a nation can’t help but wonder. And after Phoebe’s outfit choice in this recent post, I’m more convinced of their romance than ever.

Did she…. borrow his GAA shorts? I know what you’re thinking – they look like Kilkenny colours and Paul’s famously a proud Maynooth man. But like the sleuth I am I instantly went on an insta deep dive after seeing this pic, and would you look at what I discovered:

Coincidence? I think not.

Paul Mescal famously put GAA shorts on the fashion map after being papped rocking them around London last year, leaving us with no choice but to assume he inspired these Gucci bad boys.

Unlike the kind you’d pick up on your annual trip to the O’Neills factory back in the day, these babies would set you back a cool €550. But such is the influence of our Paul – from Italian fashion houses to American indie singers, everyone’s inspired by him. Has this confirmed the Mescal and Bridgers love story for you? Personally I’m off out to buy a hat – in the Maynooth GAA club colours, of course.

Header image via Instagram/Alokvmenon

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