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20th Dec 2016

Irish Grind School Has Been Snapchatting Its Students Exam Tips During Strike


Yesterday saw 735 secondary schools across the country close due to teacher strikes – causing students in exam years across the country to panic even more so in their already fragile states.

However, a grind school in Cork took it upon themselves to do a Snapchat takeover to ensure students still have a productive day.

Natasha Lynch, a French grind school teacher at the Essential French language school, says when the strikes were announced, students were messaging her in a state of panic.

In response, Natasha has organised for some of her former students to post Snapchat tutorials all day. The teacher told

A few weeks ago, when the strikes were announced, kids were messaging us about advice and were in a complete state of panic about the days they will be losing and I thought, what can I do to help.

A few hours at this kind of support makes such a difference to the students. Last night I was being inundated with messages telling me how helpful the tutorials are.

With over 5,000 students subscribed to the account, Natasha feels like she is really making a difference.

The tutorials are far from boring, with the snapchatters having alter-egos and availing of some of the entertaining filters, while using French vocabulary along the way.

If you’re keen to try them out for yourself, add the username “essentialfrench”.

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