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25th Jan 2022

Irish Twitter reacts to Fianna Fáil jumping on the Wordle bandwagon

Fiona Frawley

double image with a close up of a phone screen displaying a game of wordle on one side, and micheal martin on the other side

Is nothing sacred anymore?

We interrupt this Tuesday lunch time to inform you the FF/FG coalition are indeed at it again.

Those of you still attempting to recover from Leo Varadkar’s brief dalliance with TikTok back in 2020 may wish to avert your eyes.

Whether you’re completely hooked on Wordle or still haven’t have a breeze what’s going on when the wee Tetras-style blocks fill your Twitter feed each morning, I’m sure we can all agree it’s taken over as the country’s new obsession – just like Tiger King and sourdough starter before it. Joke-y tweets about American youth pastors using the phenomenon to spread the “Wordle of God” have raked in the likes but I can honestly say I didn’t have Fianna Fáil Using Wordle to Share Housing Stats on Twitter on my 2022 bingo card. They really caught us off guard with this one.

The irony of Ireland’s republican party using an online game to share housing stats in the midst of a housing crisis wasn’t lost on Irish Twitter and as I’m sure you can imagine, the comments section is fairly lit.

First, the Mica Redress account responded swiftly with an arguably far more true to life block structure:

Via Twitter 

Others pointed out the irony of the tweet failing to correctly replicate the well known Wordle structure.

Via Twitter 

And this sad but accurate commentary on hospital waiting lists was immaculately set up.

Will we ever be able to Wordle again in peace?

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