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18th Jan 2018

WATCH: Irish Woman Who Married 300-Year-Old Ghost’s Interview On Ireland AM Was Morning Telly At Its Best

Darragh Berry

Amanda Teague was on TV3’s ‘Ireland AM’ on Thursday morning to talk about her new marriage to 300-year-old ghost, Jack Teague.

Yes, that’s right, her new husband is a ghost and was born sometime around the 18th century.

The meeting came about when Amanda set out on a search to meet her soulmate but she “wasn’t aware that [she] could have a relationship with a spirit. 

“His energy presented itself to me, he is my soulmate.”

“He’s here now [in the studio], I don’t see him in the physical now but I can hear him through mediumship and have seen him before.

“He has long black hair, he’s dark skinned because he is of mixed race, he’s a bit taller than me, well built, beard and dark eyes.”

Her new ghost-husband was born on a ship but she has found it very hard to trace anything about his birth or death.

But, she did manage to find out that they were related, far out…

“They were Teague ancestors in my family tree”.

The interview then got down to the nitty-gritty and Amanda was asked how she interacts with the ghost, physically.

You know what we mean…

“They can hug us and physically touch us and we can physically feel them, it works in the same way that a spirit touches your face or skin. You can feel it.


The wedding was held at an off-shore location and they exchanged vows on a boat but another medium had to speak on behalf of Jack and gave consent for the 300-year-old ghost.

You can watch the full interview below.

If the video is not playing for you in the article, you can also watch it here.

Sure, there’s hope for everyone yet.

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