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19th Jul 2017

This Is The New Online Dating Trend You’ve Definitely Experienced


We’ve all had the struggle of choosing which photos to put on our online dating profile. You need to look pretty, but not standoff-ish.

Good craic, but let’s be honest, you can’t have friends in those group pics who are better looking than you.

Basically, trying to decide what potentials baes first see of you is a tough job, but the latest trend on dating apps is something else.

‘Kittenfishing’ described as a diet version of catfishing (we’ve all seen those shows), is when you portray yourself online in a super unrealistic way.

Coined by the dating app Hinge, it’s basically when you over exaggerate your good points to make yourself seem like the most amazing person in the entire world – when really, you might not be.

It can be as simple as using heavily filtered photos, whitening your teeth with an app, lying about talents or skills, or pretending to be interested in things you’re really not. We’ve all been guilty of a few of these for sure.

It’s easy to act cool online and pretend you’re a complete Game of Thrones nut, but just remember that it’s all going to come out in the open once your date realises you can’t tell your Tyrion from your Littlefinger apart, and that oh, you’re not 6 foot tall.

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