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03rd Sep 2018

One Of Louis Theroux’s Most Compelling Documentaries Is On RTÉ Tonight

James Fenton

If you’ve already committed yourself to watching No Country For Old Men on TG4 tonight then be sure to set the recorder for a brilliant Louis Theroux documentary on RTÉ 2.

Released to much attention in 2017, Dark States is a three-part series which focuses on social issues which are blighting communities across the United States. Tonight’s edition, Dark States: Heroin Town, sees Louis embed himself into a West Virginian community that is being devastated by widespread heroin use while catching up with those affected and getting an insight into the often grim day-to-day lives of the local emergency services.

If you haven’t seen this one yet, Louis is always good for an evening’s viewing and this is one of his most acclaimed documentaries yet. Dark Places: Heroin Town gets underway on RTÉ 2 at 10.25pm. Check out a preview below.

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