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16th Feb 2022

‘Minsta’s on Insta’ – Online reaction to Fianna Fáil’s questionable new marketing campaign

Fiona Frawley

side profile shot of Fianna Fáil minister Norma Foley in a high vis vest with a red background and white block letters which read "Norma Foley"

Of all the things Fianna Fáil need to be doing right now, this is not it.

After last night’s Prime Time (which I didn’t catch because I had other commitments, like the newest instalment of Euphoria), I saw musings on Twitter detailing a Brooklyn 99 parody made by Fianna Fáil ministers. Naturally, I assumed this was some sort of online in-joke I wasn’t cool enough to get and went about my evening. Because obviously, the political party leading the country is far too busy for sketch comedy, right? Riiiight??

As it turns out, the video is in fact real, and was re-shared today by Fianna Fáil’s official Instagram page. Which was… a choice.

Here it is in case you missed it:

The goal appears to be to give the people of Ireland a gentle nudge to follow their favourite… “minsta” on Instagram, with each ministers handle listed in the video description (they didn’t opt for a thumbs up emoji by Stephen Donnelly’s name – wasted opportunity in my opinion).

Naturally, I headed straight to the comments section (as one always does in a crisis). As expected, it was paved with comedy gold, and I’ve selected some of my favourites.

Simple, but effective.

A valid fear.

Possibly a touch dramatic but in fairness, I understand.

We eagerly await the SATC opening credits parody.

Header image via Instagram/fiannafail

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