PICS: The Street Queues For Spice Girls Tickets For Croke Park Are Massive And It's Great To See

The last time there was a frenzy like this was Ed Sheeran

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We've all been in a queue online where you're either:

a) waiting for hours and nothing moves, NOTHING.

b) your next in the queue and next thing you just get an error to say that something has malfunctioned

and c) you make it to the end, get ready to purchase your tickets and get told 'actually, sorry bud, they're all sold out'.

So sometimes, it's better to just book the day off work, get up early and do it the old fashioned way.

And for something as big as the Spice Girls coming to Ireland, you'd have to get up even earlier than early in order to get near the top of the queue.

Some of these people started queuing at 5am...

Spice Girls will play Croke Park on May 24, 2019 meaning that only them and Westlife will grace GAA HQ next year.

Say you'll be there?

Well, if you weren't on the ticketmaster site or high up in a street queue by 9am, you're probably going to be shit out of luck.

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