YouTube's Most Watched Video In Ireland For 2018 Is A Fecking Disgrace

We watch some amount of muck

You Tube June

On Thursday, YouTube released their top ten videos in Ireland for 2018 and the top two videos show that we watch some amount of muck.

Coming in at number 1 is the yodelling Walmart Kid. The kid is talented and because of singing, he's bagged a college scholarship courtesy of the Ellen show but how did people listen to this more than once?

Next on the list is Kylie Jenner's video titled: 'To Our Daughter'. Seriously?

In third place, is 12-year-old Irish Busker, Allie Sherlock's appearance on The Ellen Show. This came after the guitarist had originally turned the appearance down for this reason.

Father Ray Kelly's version of 'Everybody Hurts' on BGT was next on the list and fifth was the confusing 'Yanny or Laurel' video.

A video called "We Broke Up" was sixth which shows a YouTube couple announcing their separation.

Ariana Grande's Carpool Karaoke and Ryan O’Shaughnessy's Eurovision song 'Together' performed live come next followed by Johnny Sexton's beautifully match-winning drop goal against France and 81-year old Evelyn on Ireland's Got Talent.

We don't know how Baby Shark doesn't get into the top ten on this list either.

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