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Netflix Has Revealed Its Top 10 Most Watched Shows And Films In April

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Picking something to watch on Netflix can be a bit of a minefield but the next time you find yourself in that situation, there’s only one solution. Copy what everyone else is doing.

Being a sheep is a human trait which dates back to the dawn of time, a characteristic that separates us from the animals. Except sheep, of course.

To help you decipher the most popular things to binge on, Netflix has released a few handy lists of the most watched TV shows, movies and documentaries throughout April. It should be added that the lists represent UK viewing habits but given that Ireland uses the same service, it should be somewhat reflective of our choices too.

We could be getting out own version soon though as in the same thread Netflix said they will release these lists every Wednesday and that ‘if people like it then expect to see it rolled out to other countries.’ Well, we’re certainly not complaining lads.

Without further ado, here are the overall most-watched programmes for April…

The most-watched films…

Most-watched series…

Most-watched documentaries…

Most-watched reality shows…

That lot should definitely keep you going for a while. Enjoy!

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