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17th Jul 2018

Never-Before-Heard Father Ted Season Two Secret Will Leave Fans Thinking “Should Have Spotted That”

Darragh Berry

Sure, we only wanted another excuse to watch Father Ted in full for the 129th time since we were born.

Anyone who is a major fan of the show will be kicking themselves for not spotting this hidden secret in season two of Father Ted.

Father Dougal is a lovable character remembered for his slow-thinking, hilarious outbursts and his famous locks of hair.

However, Ardal O’Hanlon – who was on BBC’s ‘The One Show’ on Wednesday night as reported by The Irish Examiner – admitted that it was a case of hair today, gone tomorrow when they filmed season two of the show.

It was a very close shave and would have been an even closer one if the team behind Father Ted didn’t find a wig that suited, and more importantly, fit O’Hanlon’s character…

“We had shot the video inserts, so all the location stuff for the second series of Father Ted, just before Christmas. And then just after Christmas I got married.

“I was feeling pretty rough on the day of my wedding – a very special day and my best man had taken me out the night before so I went to a barber’s and I got a close shave and I got my hair cut.

“I went back into the studios – this is two weeks after we’d already done quite a bit of filming, went back into studio to shoot the whole series but I’d no hair.

“It was really short, unrecognisable. I remember just the look of horror when I went back into the studio and they had to film for eight weeks and it didn’t match, it just didn’t match at all, it couldn’t have been more different.

“So, they had to manufacture a wig at very short notice. I think it cost pretty much the budget for the second series to make this wig. So, during the entire second series, that’s a wig to match my own hair.”

We’re all going to be thoroughly examining season two now to see can we spot the scenes with the wig and the ones without.

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