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23rd Dec 2021

Our Top 10 Irish TikTok stars of the year

Fiona Frawley

3 separate images - 1: woman typing on keyboard, 2: sylvanian family toy, 3: a woman with a towel wrapped around her head

What a year it’s been for Irish TikTok.

From Meet Me At Our Spot lip syncs to the premium air prank, there’s a cosy corner somewhere within the TikTok world to suit all tastes and interests. Every day opening up the aul FYP is a joy to be perfectly honest –  there are so many gems to discover. But we’ve narrowed it down for the purposes of this list to put a spotlight on our absolute favourite Irish TikTok stars from the year gone by. Reached your limit for family time this Christmas? Come scroll with us for a while instead. It’s called self care.

Victor Alfred

There’s just something about TikTokers ripping it out of their mothers that’s ridiculously relatable for people the world over. We all know the struggle.


A rogue addition to the list, Jedward rightfully earned their spot after sharing a collection of stellar Gemma Collins collab vids. Name a better trio.

Few Cans

Meg Reilly, the mastermind behind the Dublin Bus driver video you’ve seen popping up everywhere, is a must follow for deadpan and painfully accurate recreations of every day events.

Aine Kennedy

As Aine says in her bio, it’s her Grandads TikTok at this stage. The dotey duo kept us laughing all year by jumping on every TikTok trend and dance going in their own charming way. Gas and adorable in equal measures.

Aby Coulibaly

You may remember this trend from earlier in the year where TikTokers would prank their parents by asking them to be in a video applying for a fake award, and then start talking about what a terrible childhood they had. Aby’s was our fave by a mile. 35 seconds of pure joy.

Broadcaster B

You’d be hard pressed to find a better impersonation of RTÉ newsreaders, and Broadcaster B ups the ante by incorporating pop songs and iconic quotes into his impressions.

Joe Costigan

Arguably the TikTok of the year for me. Joe Costigan tells his friends a series of lies for no reason, all of which are so weirdly specific you’d have to believe them. A gem of a video.

Sylvanian Drama

The definition of perf. The Sylvanian Drama TikTok account is pretty much exactly what is says on the tin – melodramatic scenes played out by Sylvanians, usually with Taylor Swift playing in the background. Iconic.

Connie Whelan

Not a day goes by where I don’t think of this lip sync. Connie Whelan’s recreations of iconic Drag Race scenes are works of pure artistry, and if you’re a fan keep an eye on her Insta for updates on her live performances which we’ll hopefully be able to enjoy more of in the new year.

The undisputed queen of Irish TikTok and beyond, with almost 15 million followers hanging on her every impression. Along with her trusty dummy and  She’s basically the Irish Addison Rae but, you know, funnier.

So there you go, our top Irish TikTok stars of 2021. Go in peace to dive down a bizarrely specific TikTok hole and ruin your algorithm for weeks.

Header image via TikTok/conniewhelan/sylvaniandrama/victoriaadeyinkaa

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