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15th Dec 2021

Teresa Mannion’s iconic weather warning has become viral on TikTok (for some inexplicable reason)

Katy Thornton

It started with Mia Khalifa… and now it’s a full blown TikTok trend.

You know when you’re really getting buzzed off a good TikTok, and you wonder where the original audio came from. Well, every Irish person on the app won’t need to wonder where one of the latest trends has come from. It’s none other than Teresa Mannion’s warning about the weather from 2015. Now the internet is making it their own – here’s a few of our fave interpretations!

1. In response to Omicron in Auckland (@juliansewell)

If you don’t already follow this guy, you should. He’s gas. Only made more gas by taking on this audio – and doing Teresa proud in the process.

An overprotective girlfriend’s warning to her boyfriend (@benedicttown)

She’s just trying to keep you safe!

When you read too much into a simple phrase (@sailorlaney)

You never know what could be a hidden message.

A personal fave, when you have a Penneys bag and it’s raining outside (@shannonfelicityking)

There is absolutely nothing worse. It really isn’t worth shopping in Penneys on a rainy day. We have ALL been there.

After watching that scene in And Just Like That (if you know, you know) (@rendagrella)

Looking at you, Peloton….

And we might as well throw it back to the Mia Khalifa version of last week… iconic!

We’re glad that Teresa is getting the global recognition that she so richly deserves.

Header image via Instagram/manniont

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