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02nd May 2020

Paul Mescal has shared the playlist he made to prep for his role as Connell and we have it on repeat

Sarah Finnan

Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal has shared the playlist he made to help him prepare for the role of Connell in Normal People and there are some bangers in there.

Paul Mescal is the name on everyone’s lips at the moment thanks to his portrayal of the male lead, Connell, in Normal People. Having hit TV screens across Ireland, America and the UK this week, it’s all anyone can seem to talk about – thanks in part to the recent uproar by Liveline listeners who compared the series to “something you would expect to see in a porno”. (You can listen to the full furore here.)

A guest on last night’s Late Late Show, he chatted to Ryan about everything from his appearance on the bus to Ballyhaunis to the heated debate over the programme’s sex scenes. “It’s been a very bizarre probably 72 hours I think.”

Commenting on those scenes, he said:

“We worked very hard to make it feel like it was a real, accurate and truthful representation of sex amongst young people today… It’s actually something I’m incredibly proud of and I’m really proud to see on Irish screens, personally.”

Delving into how he prepared for his role in Normal People, Paul also revealed during the week that he got himself into the right headspace by creating a Connell-inspired playlist on Spotify.

Piquing our interest as to what he would class as Connell-esque, Paul has since shared the link to the playlist and let’s just say we’re fans – of both him and the playlist.

The description on Spotify reads:

“Specially curated by actor Paul Mescal and the Normal People music supervisors, Maggie Phillips and Juliet Martin, this playlist captures the personality and emotions of the complex and layered character, Connell Waldron, from Hulu’s Normal People.”

Featuring a wide variety of different artists, you’ll find everyone from Billie Eilish to Kendrick Lamar, Leonard Cohen and Daithí in there. Have a listen here should you so please.

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