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25th Jan 2017

Observant ‘Father Ted’ Fans Have Found Something Strange About Trump’s Inauguration

James Fenton

We haven’t seen a scandal like this since Craggy Islands’s Annual All Priests 5-a-side Over 75s Indoor Football Challenge Match… against Rugged Island. 

Eagle-eyed observers spotted something fishy about one of Donald Trump’s bodyguards during the new American President’s inauguration parade last week. 

See if you can spot what’s amiss:

Wait a minute… These are fake hands!

Some have suggested that the reason the man donned the rubber arms was so he could hold a firearm under his coat in case sh*t went down. 

Others have pointed out that the arms are perfectly real and people are falling for fake news about fake arms.

Whatever the case, Father Ted fans are never going to let a good reference opportunity slip and they were quick to compare the situation to a famous scene from the hit sitcom where referee Jason Byrne called out Ted for using fake arms to hide the fact he was controlling Father Jack’s remote control wheelchair during a football match. 


It always comes back to Father Ted.

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