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05th Mar 2018

PIC: If This Isn’t The Tallest Snowman Built In Ireland During Storm Emma Then We Want To See What Is

James Fenton

Storm Emma saw some impressive snowman work right around the country, the best of which were featured by us in this picture compilation

We’ve now come across another gem which surely has to take home the title for ‘tallest snowman’ at the very least. A picture posted to Reddit by user computersaysnil depicts the towering figure with tree branches for arms and what appears to be a dustbin for a hat. 

Screen Shot 2018 03 05 At 14 54 42

Found in Innishannon, West Cork, the sheer size of the creation is only amplified when compared to the accompanying child and dog and it’s hard to imagine there’s a bigger snow structure to be found anywhere in the country.

We’re open to being proven wrong though so if you’ve spotted something that tops this effort be sure to send it our way!

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