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14th Jul 2017

PIC: Some People In Galway Think Ireland’s Potato Famine Was ‘Fake News’


Right, we’re all for a good juicy conspiracy theory and all, but the latest one to bowl us over is a bit TOO far fetched. 

JFK Assassination – yep, we’re down to delve deep into that, a faked Moon Landing, sure why not, makes sense?

But our very own potato famine being fake news?! We won’t have it.

Imgur user NothingHatesYou posted a gas pic of an advertisment placed in this week’s Galway Advertiser of a BIG FAKE NEWS group meeting that’s taking place next Thursday.

And lads, they’re calling the famine fake. 

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Quite a lot of people are ‘potato famine deniers’, it turns out, with a British writer dedicating a book, ‘Famine Facade’ to the theory, and suggesting that we faked our carby blight to get our grubby mitts into the USA.

“But no one ever suspects the Irish manipulation of world affairs because of the pitiful sob-story known as ‘The Great Famine.’ 

“Having gained the sympathy of the entire world with their harrowing tale of potato paucity, the Irish were able to gain access to the burgeoning super power that was the United States of America.

In fairness now they will provide tea and “coffe”, so it might be worth checking out.


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