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16th Nov 2018

PICS: This Banner Is The Last Thing People Expected To See At The Aviva Tonight

James Fenton

Tensions were high at the Aviva Stadium before the match between the Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland tonight as God Save The Queen was booed by large sections of the home support.

Once that was out of the way, most people were concerned with the action on the pitch but we do have to stress the word ‘most’.

Some fans clearly had their minds on other matters, namely Netflix true crime series Making A Murderer, as a banner was unraveled displaying the words ‘Free Steven Avery’ in reference to the subject of the hugely popular show.

Off The Ball’s Shane Hannon managed to get a snap of the sign and to be fair it probably eased some tensions before kick off.

They won’t rest until Steven Avery is a free man.

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