PICS: This Mum-To-Be's Friends Surprised Her With These Brilliantly Graphic Vagina Cakes

Got friends with kids on the way? Here's an idea...


Revenge is a dish best served... sweet.

Sarah-Jane Moloney – who viewers will recognise as the presenter who signs the News for the Deaf on RTÉ – has made a running joke over the years of texting their friends a particular message on their birthday.

"There's 12 of us in the gang," she told Lovin Dublin, "and whenever we have a birthday I like to send them a pic with 'happy coming of your mothers vagina (insert age) years ago.

"The girls dread it!"

So naturally enough, when it was time to toast Sarah-Jane at her baby shower before she gives birth to twins, they saw their opportunity to get her back... and had their pal Sarah Corr come up with these brilliantly graphic vagina-themed cakes.


And never one to disappoint, Sarah-Jane's reaction was everything her friends could have hoped for...

"I absolutely loved it!" she told us. 

And the reactions from further afield weren't all as shocked as one might have thought...

"It's attracted our parish priest who commented: 'Are you trying to say giving birth is a piece of cake?'"

So there's an aul' idea for the next time one of your pals is about to give birth...

They'll love it. Trust us.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan