Roy Keane's best Instagram posts ranked

By Emily Mullen

March 14, 2022 at 3:06pm


The term "national treasure" gets thrown about quite a bit, as we journey through the mundanity of a post-capitalist mid-climate crisis Ireland.

But few stack up to the national treasure title quite like Roy Keane (save for Marty Whelan, Michael D Higgins and Maura Higgins). There's something about the volatile man from Cork that captures the attention of the nation. That's why we have taken it upon ourselves to rank Roy Keane's Instagram posts from the best to the very best, as ever since he randomly joined the app approximately 5 years after everyone else, we have been gifted an insight into the inner workings of Keano's complicated brain.

10. The Opener

It's interesting that Roy Keane chose this photo as his first entry into the world of IG. To the untrained eye this looks like just another dog selfie (albeit a bad one, as the dog is looking away) but this photo signals to the world, "I am Roy Keane, this is my dog and I am on Instagram now" which from all accounts is an extremely powerful message. Some small details stand out to us as the viewer, the dog's lovely wet nose, Keane's top of the range waterproof setup complete with a double-hood and the slightly crazed but happy expression on his face.

9. The Matrimonial Heaven 

Roy Keane's humour is well known for being a bit off the wall and just a tad bit dry. That's what makes this platform work so well for him, in a space where users are trying painfully hard to be funny and relevant, sharing more falsely authentic photos than the next, Roy Keane is out here cropping photos and being an all-around gas lad about it.


8. The Compromise 

Arguably one of the more overlooked Roy Keane posts, this one gives us a nice insight into what Keane is like in his everyday life. Slightly grumpy, but there for his family nonetheless. While this is an extremely cute picture of himself and his grandson, the caption makes it, perfectly demonstrates Keane's humour and sense of comic timing, so much so you can find yourself reading it in his voice which makes it all the funnier.

7. The Mother 

This photo is an excellent demonstration of Roy Keane as a person (full disclosure we have never met him) most men his age would be posting a picture of themselves squeezing the living daylights out of their mothers or gifting them a brand new BMW X5. But Keane and his mam aren't even smiling in the photo, in fact, they both look incredibly serious and you wouldn't be reaching to think that perhaps from this lady with the great hair, this is where Roy gets a bit of his sass from.

6. The Gardener


This photo features pretty high because again as a consumer of Roy Keane's content you are peeling back the layers and learning more about this onion-skinned man (photographed with his top off). He's watering his ball hedges TM with not one but two watering cans, and by the looks of things he's a little late getting to them as they already look a bit brown around the edges but sure lookit Keano has more important things to be doing.

5. The Happy Lad

This post had to be up there, as we have seen from his snap with the mother (no. 7) there seems to be a trend in the family for taking serious selfies. This photo of a toddler looking every inch like his Granda, is very funny but what makes it even better is the Mickey Mouse balloon maniacally smiling in the foreground.

4. The Message

This is less of a post and more of a direct order from Roy Keane. He's signalling that he cycles but that he is not a MAMMAL, even if he could easily slot into potential MAMMAL territory he doesn't want to go there.


3. The Valentine's Post 

Roy Keane is never one to forget a holiday, nor is he one to not mark it. That's why Valentine's Day 2021, couldn't go by without Keane sharing a sweet image of himself nearly being choked by an Argentinean player. While a second player attempts to remove one of the footballers hands. Keane's face is a picture, distorted into one of the most impressive grimaces that human anatomy can contort itself into.

2. The National Hero

There's a lot to unpack in this picture, first Gary Lineker's yellow hue, and two why Roy Keane looks so well as a leprechaun and three why he is dressed as one. What is clear is that this photo has to be one of the most iconic in contemporary Irish history, even if it reinforces some questionable Irish stereotypes.

1. The Unmatched


Tours of America can go one of two ways for Irish talent, excessively well or excessively bad. There is also the capability to rewrite history through the medium of social media, as everyone has short term memories and memes speak a thousand words. The Irish team's trip to the US in 1992 may have been mixed, but with the help of some novelty glasses and Paul McGrath shouting for a pint in the back, this picture came into being and we are very thankful for that.

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