7 Reasons Why You Need To Download iOS 10 Right Now

No more of that Stocks app!

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Apple's latest update, iOS 10, was released yesterday in Ireland and the UK and has been causing quite a stir.

There seems to be many advantages and disadvantages to the update, with some people having reported that it has completely frozen their iPhones and iPads (although Apple has now released a fix).

But to balance this out, there are tons of new features that have us jumping up and down with excitement.

At the end of the day, nothing beats new emojis!

1. You can delete pre-installed apps

This means goodbye to the Stocks app, the Game Center, Watch app, Health app, Tips app, Reminders and all other apps that are sitting there wasting valuable space on your phone!

Dreams really do come true.

2. Close all your Safari tabs at once

No more swiping across for a solid two minutes to clear all those dodgy Safari tabs. All evidence removed in a single swoop.

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3. Even more emojis

There are now more gender options, including male bunny dancers and a pride flag emoji. Happy times!

4. Selfies with Siri

If you ask Siri to "take a selfie", then it will open your front-facing camera. Can't complain really!

5. All the existing emojis have hit puberty

A new look has been given to all the emojis you know and love.

6. Torch intensity can be altered

The phone torch is infamous for draining battery and now you can lower its intensity to save the juice! Useful.

7. Add bubbles and other animations to your iMessage

Go all out with this one! Watch the video below for a tutorial which explains how to do this.

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