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09th Dec 2021

We are shook by this Mia Khalifa Teresa Mannion collaboration

Katy Thornton

Six years after that iconic video that made Teresa Mannion not only a talented journalist, but also an internet sensation, it would appear her words live on!

Were we expecting to see this collaboration when we woke up this morning?  No. Is it what we needed to get through Thursday? Yes, yes it is.

With the arrival (and thankfully now departure) of Storm Barra, nothing replayed in the Irish people’s collective conscious more than Teresa Mannion’s warning from 2015.

However, due to this wonderful thing we now have in 2021, a small platform called TikTok (you’ve probably never heard of it) has made it readily available on a global level. To the point that somehow it inspired a TikTok video from Mia Khalifa of all people.

Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American media personality, used the sound in this TikTok where she compares it to what her stylist says whenever she sends her abroad with expensive designer items. Somehow, it is the perfect sound for the video. We just hope Mia Khalifa knows the iconic source material.

Once and for all, this proves that Teresa Mannion will continue to inspire people around the world for many years to come.

Header image via TikTok/miakhalifa and Instagram/manniot

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