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15th Dec 2020

TG4 will air ten incredible late night concerts this Christmas

Rory Cashin

From Amy Winehouse to The Doors to Queen, they’ll air right through to early 2021.

2020 wasn’t a good year for concerts, obviously. If you managed to get one in during January or February, then you were considered lucky, since the majority of folk went without one for the year.

TG4 will pretty much be giving us the next best thing, with a collection of ten incredible gigs from a set of much-loved artists from the past several decades.

The first of the concerts will air from early next week, right through most of Christmas, and all the way into (very) early 2021.

The below times are almost all entirely after midnight, so while they say, for example, 12.40am, that doesn’t mean 40 minutes into Monday, but Monday night into Tuesday morning. Got it? Cool. On with the list!

Monday, December 21 – Alanis Morrisette Live at Montreux – 12.40am

Tuesday, December 22 – Amy Winehouse Live in London – 12.15am

Wednesday, December 23 – Elvis Costello & The Imposters Live – 12.50am

Christmas Eve – Dusty Springfield Live – 12.10am

Monday, December 28 – Rory Gallagher Live at Montreux – 12.25am

Tuesday, December 29 – John Denver Rocky Mountain High – 12.45am

Wednesday, December 30 – The Doors at the Hollywood Bowl – 1am

New Year’s Eve – Chic live at Montreux – 1am

New Year’s Day – Van Morrison: Live at Montreux 1980 – 11.35pm

Saturday, January 2 – Queen Rock the World – 1.05am

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