The 15 Countries With The Biggest Drinkers Have Been Named

You'll be surprised with Ireland's position...

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It seems that Irish culture and drinking go hand in hand.

And while it might be a totally exaggerated stereotype, there is some truth behind our relationship with booze.

However, we are by no means the worst. 

The World Health Organisation ranked the top 15 countries in order of how much alcohol they consume, and showed the total consumption of the average person in each country per year.

Belarus took the top stop by miles when it came to alcohol consumption with the average person there consuming 17.32 litres per year.

Ireland places eighth on the list, with an average of 11.72 litres of pure alcohol consumed by our nation, which, to be fair, is still quite a bit.

Here's the list in full.

  1. Belarus (17.32l)
  2. Lithuania (12.65l)
  3. Czech Republic (12.43l)
  4. Croatia (12.18l)
  5. Austria (12.04l)
  6. Portugal (11.92l)
  7. France (11.8l)
  8. Ireland (11.72l)
  9. Estonia (11.61
  10. Hungary (11.51
  11. Luxembourg (11.4l)
  12. Germany (11.2l)
  13. Russian Federation (11.05l)
  14. Equatorial Guinea (10.99l)
  15. Poland (10.92l)

Looks like Europe, collectively, is definitely the booziest continent on the planet. 

Do the results surprise you?

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