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'The Beautiful Moment Ended In The Bride's Friend Peeing Into A Bottle'

By mariemadden

June 16, 2017 at 4:14pm


Last week, we asked you all to share your most toe-curling, mortifying festival experiences and you guys certainly delivered!

We've whittled down the entries to the funniest five and will reward the most embarrassing with two VIP tickets to Sea Sessions next weekend, so they can recover from the shame and move on with their lives.

The power, of course, is in your hands as the winner will by YOU.

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Trust us, these are worth your time

Ronja says:

"One beautiful festival a few years ago, I decided to go to see George Ezra play. I somehow ended up in the front row and while I enjoy his music, I'm not someone who would be able to sing along to all the songs. 

So there I was in the front row (hoping to avoid attention with my lack of knowledge) when it happened. 

A girl next to me arrived in a massive wedding dress and the biggest 'will you marry me?' sign.

George Ezra entered the stage and all hell broke loose. The girl jumped on her friend's shoulders, now towering over my 'three-days-into-festival' face. 

A tonne of photographers decided that this phenomenal moment should be captured and I ended up in a neverending photoshoot. 

George Ezra had spotted us by this time and, being slightly uncomfortable with the crazy proposal fan, locked eyes with me.

I then ended up on the live screen for the big stage screens - and the TV coverage - clearly standing out as the only one who couldn't sing along to the songs, looking TERRIFIED of the bride and totally destroyed by the dust and rain of the days before. 

This beautiful moment then ended in the bride's friend peeing into a bottle right next to me and another 'I'm-sorry-help-me' look from the overwhelmed man himself, George Ezra. 

Truly a concert to remember, especially with the hundreds of pictures of me and the bride being used to promote the festival for the year after."

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