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16th Jun 2017

“I Opened The Tent And There Were Two Older Men With No Tops On”


We asked our readers to share their most embarrassing festival stories to be in with a chance of winning two VIP tickets to Sea Sessions.

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Heather said:

“During the first festival I went to (I can’t even tell you the name in case the person sees this and remembers me), my five friends and I were camping in a two-man tent. 

It was orange and yellow and very distinctive, which was great because we could always tell which tent it was because of the colour. 

One night, I was walking back from the stage to my tent and I was on my own. I opened the tent and there were two older men inside smoking with no tops on!

I started roaring at them to get out of my tent and threw a right hissy fit but they looked at me as if I had 10 heads!

I stopped roaring afternoon about a minute, and one of the men calmly said ‘sorry love, I think you have the wrong tent?’.

I was mortified to look at the row behind them and see my friends laughing at me! So embarrassing.”

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