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05th Nov 2017

The Five Foolproof Things You Should Talk About On A First Date


You’ve done the awkward messaging back and forth, the banter has been impressive, and now you’ve finally agreed on a face-to-face encounter.


What if you’re not as funny as you think you are? What if there’s long painful silences?

Well, according to Time Magazine, research shows that there’s five solid “pocket topics” that you should talk about on a first date. Easy peasy.

1. Talk about travel instead of movies or music

Conversations about travel tended to revolve around great holidays and dream destinations, and that makes people feel good and so appear more attractive to one another.”

2. It’s more about how you talk than what you say

Accept your date’s pass, redirect it slightly, and then return the ball— all with warmth and genuine interest in his or her responses. This acceptance and redirection is the push and pull that creates smoothness.”

3. Share some little secrets

“Emotional, personal information exchange during first date conversation promotes powerful feelings of connection.”

(There’s some great get-to-know-you questions here.)

4. Go with controversial topics 

“When was your last breakup?”, “Do you have any STDs?”, “Have you ever broken someone’s heart?”, “How do you feel about abortion?”

5. Seal the deal by talking about future plans

“How is work looking for you this week?” Ease into asking about meeting for a second date by sussing out what their plans are like.

Good luck you sweet lovers <3

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