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05th Nov 2021

The John Lewis 2021 Christmas Advert is finally here!

Katy Thornton

And we are all up in our feelings after watching it.

The John Lewis Christmas advert is famous for pulling on the heart strings. With bated breath we waited to be amazed as we sat down to watch the 2021 ad, and we were not disappointed. This year follows an unlikely pairing forming a friendship around the holidays, and we were enthralled.

When an unexpected guest crash lands into the forest, a local boy takes her under his wing and shows her the magic of Christmas. There’s the eating of mince pies, with the foil still on (we’ve all been there) and the throwing of snowballs in this wholesome advert. The ad ends when the spaceship is all ready to fly again, and the friends must part ways, but not without leaving each other something to remember them by.

The song playing is a cover of the old classic ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ and it works perfectly with the dynamic between these two pals. The cover is beautifully done by artist Lola Young.

So yeah, as always, John Lewis knock it out of the park with this one. We don’t know how they manage to top themselves every year, but somehow they do it!

Header image via Instagram/johnlewis

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