Someone Has Come Up With A Very Interesting Theory About The New John Lewis Ad

It involves Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


So, there's been a lot of controversy around the John Lewis Christmas ad this year.

Parents all over the country were disappointed at the fact that the ad showed the dad assembling the trampoline in the back yard, as opposed to Santa Claus.

However, there is a theory floating about the Internet that there's more to the ad than first meets the eye. 

According to a journalist at The Guardian, Buster The Boxer is in fact a metaphor for the US Presidential Election.

Here's the low down...

Bridget, the girl who loves to bounce, is Hillary Clinton.

Buster, the cheeky cohabitant of the household, represents Donald Trump.

The trampoline is America.

Here's how the metaphor unfolds:

At the beginning of the ad, Buster watches Bridget jump up and down on her bed. This is like Trump watching Clinton work in the world of politics prior to the nominations for President. 

Trump sees Clinton just as Buster sees Bridget; he is jealous yet ambitious.


Bridget then goes to sleep and Buster sees the other animals enjoying the trampoline and is inspired to attempt to take a leap into the world of springy platforms.


Christmas morning arrives at last and Bridget is overflowing with excitement, ready to take the first jump onto her brand new trampoline; a political platform if you will.

But who comes running out of nowhere, passing Bridget out at the last minute, only to take to the trampoline and dominate it so much so that Bridget cannot even get a bounce in?

Buster the Boxer aka Donald Trump.

Parents of Bridget (aka supporters of Clinton) look on baffled and dumbfounded that their pet has just broken poor Bridget's heart.


A blatant "allegory for a woman getting shoved aside by a self-interested animal"?

We're not sure but it's an interesting take on things!

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