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09th Sep 2021

The spokesperson for everyone who’s ever worked a traumatic retail job is on holidays in Ireland

Fiona Frawley

When these videos started popping up all over our Twitter and Insta feeds earlier this year, we were transported back to those customer service jobs it’s taken us years of therapy to forget.

The excruciatingly accurate sketches document the private thoughts of every retail worker ever as their fifth Karen of the day asks to speak to the manager. Incase you missed them first time round, here are a few of the best:

This one goes out to anyone who’s been told to “smile” during a 12 hour retail shift the weekend before Christmas.

Waiting for your turn… what a concept.

The “I used to work here” people are a special type of evil.

Anyway guys, I’m not just here to show you funny videos that are now seven months old. I’m here to tell you Scott Seiss, the creator of these snippets of gold is on his holidays in Ireland, befriending eagles and all the rest of it. We’re v. happy to see his annual leave request was approved.

We notice a sneaky hashtag of Cocaine Bear, the movie being filmed in Ireland that’s led to an influx of Hollywood celeb visitors from Elizabeth Banks to Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Can we expect a comedic cameo from Scott? Either way, we’re smugly adding him to the list of celebs visiting Ireland and living for the comments section, where Jesse Tyler Ferguson muses “Oh my god. Now I wish I had done this”. We’re personally glad he didn’t because if he’d spent all his time hanging out with eagles he might not have managed to fit in his trip to Bray seafront, where he provided us with this bit of gold:

Highlight of the summer, honestly.

Who should we expect a visit from next?

Header image via Instagram/scottseiss

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