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21st Oct 2021

The “Very Irish Headlines” Insta page is a must follow

Fiona Frawley

Look, maybe it made us completely despise ourselves, but at some stage in our lives we’ve all uttered those infamous words – “Only in Ireland”.

To be fair, there are things that happen on this island that are such a specific brand of bizarre, you’d have to assume they don’t occur elsewhere. Surely not like.

If you can’t help but love these quintessentially Irish idioms, Very Irish Headlines is definitely worth the follow on Insta. It’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin – headlines that would only make sense in Ireland are sent in by fans or selected by the masterminds behind the page, and they’re all as mental as you’d imagine. Here are some of our faves.

Fair play to him, bit of pocket money for himself.

In fairness, the absolute neck.

Tis far from ‘fetch’ you were reared.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her at this difficult time.

You can always count on Liveline to provide the goods.

Hope he’s okay x

Cop onto yourselves, honestly.

In fairness, tensions do be running high around the All Ireland Final.

Case in point.

There are loads more gems to discover, we definitely recommend a deep dive. It’s called self care, guys.

Header image via Instagram/veryirishheadlines

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