These Incredible 'Self-Driving' Slippers Now Exist And They're A Lazy Person's Dream

We have a new contender for greatest invention of all time...

For centuries, the human race has come up with inventions which have changed our lives for the better.

From the first clothing, to air travel, to the advent of the Internet, people have frequently provided us with the tools to make life that bit easier to manage. But you know what? We'd swap them all for a pair of these self-driving slippers. 

The products, which are fitted with wheels and use Nissan's ProPILOT technology are currently being offered at a Japanese hotel. Instead of the wearer having to get up off their backside, the footwear makes its own way over to provide the toastiness that all people crave on their feet. 

Mashable has featured the self-driving slippers in the below video and the technology is also being used on other products such as cushions and TV remotes. 

We're not sure if these bad boys will be driving themselves to Ireland any time soon but we're sure they'll be in high demand if they do. 

What do you think? An incredible invention which will make life easier or an avenue to a lazier society? Let us know in the comments.

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