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22nd Apr 2018

This Irish Priest Sang On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ — And He Received A Standing Ovation From The Audience


An Irish priest did the country proud last night with a performance on Britain’s Got Talent that got the seal of approval from all four judges, the entire audience and viewers across Ireland and the UK.

The mild-mannered 64-year-old priest took to the stage to perform a rendition of Everybody Hurts by REM that was so beautiful and so powerful that you could see members of the audience were close to tears.

Not us though. We just had something in our eye at the time.

If Father Ray Kelly seems a wee bit familiar to you, it might be because you saw a viral video of him singing his own version of Hallelujah at a wedding a few years back — a video that got more than 60 million hits worldwide.

Never has the phrase “the voice of an angel” been more apt.

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