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21st Apr 2018

One Audience Member REALLY Enjoyed ‘The Late Late Show’ Country Episode Last Night


The audience members of The Late Late Show are something else.

They love having their bit of craic with the cameramen in the crowd — winking at ’em, arching an eyebrow, whatever — in an attempt to get just the slightest moment in the sun.

I guess you could say the crowd are the real stars of The Late Late and, once again, a member of the audience managed to steal the show from the actual guests last night. 

But this particular lady wasn’t out to get 15 minutes of fame, oh no, she was just living her best life and, dammit, you gotta respect that.

During Susan McCann’s rendition of A Mother’s Love’s A Blessing, this Late Late audience member went absolutely wild for that sweet country music magic and demonstrated some incredibly enthusiastic dance moves for all the folks at home.


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