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23rd Sep 2021

This Irish TikTok chef is going viral in the States

Fiona Frawley

If he can make it there, etc etc.

There’s a chef going viral on Tiktok for his advice on preparing pasta, risotto and general hot takes on Italian cooking. Makes sense, TikTok is the first place we go for cooking advice these days tbh. However, we were fairly surprised that the guy giving the advice sounds like he’s straight outa Dublin. An Irishman offering Italian cooking advice? Just imagine if the Sopranos got wind of this.

She is so shanty Irish, and with all her airs.

But chef Declan Horgan definitely knows his stuff, and has plenty of pearls of wisdom to offer any budding culinary artiste. He’s in the process of opening an Italian restaurant in Virginia (the US one, not Cavan), has lived in Italy and spent years studying Italian cooking techniques. Also, his lasagne looks immaculate so let’s give him a chance, people.

We even spy him sneaking in a bitta Kerrygold. Doing his homeland proud.

But what’s really gotten him on the TikTok map is his responses to other cooking vids. Take this one for example on how much salt to use when cooking pasta.

So that’s us told. We’re looking for salty water, but not so salty that it “cures your insides like corned beef”. Makes sense.

He’s also forced us to face the tough reality that starchy pasta water might not actually be the answer to all our problems. This is a hard one to accept, I’m not gonna lie.

Hard hitting home truths, but he’s right I suppose. You can keep up with Declan’s hot takes and Italian cooking advice by giving Jack’s Ranch the follow.

Header image via Instagram/jacksranchva

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