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31st Oct 2018

PIC: World Famous Actress Admits To Loving RTÉ Programme ‘Bridget & Eamon’

Darragh Berry

From the moment it was a skit on the ‘Republic Of Telly’ to when it got its own show on RTÉ, we loved Jen and Bernard’s fictional characters.

‘Bridget And Eamon’ are based on an Irish couple in the 80s who talk about making ‘lasag-ne’, bringing their 800 children on a day-holiday to Dublin and most of all, arguing with each other more often than they get along.

And the show has been a hit both at home and in the UK.

And now it’s even hit a world stage as this famous actress Instagramed how much grá she has for the show.

Hannah Simone who is famous for her role as ‘Cece’ on American TV show ‘New Girl’ said that:

“If you like laughing til you can’t breathe, watch this show. You’re welcome #bridgetandeamon.”

How long is it before we see this show on ABC, or Fox Network?

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