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27th Oct 2018

Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing About Danny and Dani Dyer’s Gogglebox Appearance

Kiara Keane

Gogglebox fans were delighted to see Love Island star Dani Dyer and her dad Danny Dyer team up for a special charity episode of Celebrity Gogglebox.

While there were plenty of laughs during the episode, like when the pair tried to guess the answers on University Challenge (Danny: “I got two right – sometimes I frighten myself with the knowledge I’ve got…”), there were a few bizarre moments too.

For a start, viewers were not impressed when Danny decided to complete the majority of the show with his bare feet up on the table.

But the strangest moment of the show came when he told daughter Dani she “would have been good” on Naked Attraction.

He told her, “With Love Island I said you shouldn’t do it and I got that wrong. So maybe you would have been good on it.”

Their blinding one-liners meant that almost everyone was calling for the pair to get their own show by the end of the episode.

Other stars on the episode in aid of Stand Up To Cancer included Liam Gallagher, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.

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