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22nd Sep 2018

One Fair City Fan Did Something Absolutely Bizarre After Death Of The Soap’s Most Popular Character

Darragh Berry

Fair City lost one of its most loved characters this week as we waved bye-bye to Kerri-Ann Bishop.

Jenny Dixon’s character was brutally murdered on the show and she’s been getting text messages ever since.

One of the messages told the bizarre story of a teetotaler who was so upset by the storyline, she went to bed with a drink in hand.

She told The Irish Independent,

“There is a mix of emotions. I actually didn’t anticipate getting so emotional.

“I got a message [from a woman] saying that her mother had gone to bed with a glass of wine, her 76-year-old mother who doesn’t even drink and she is so upset, and I was like, ‘I can’t take it!’ There was such an outpouring.”

Ireland’s longest running soap turned 29 on 18 September

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