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22nd Sep 2018

TG4 Issue Apology For Caravan Ad That Went Out Before News About Caravan Death

Darragh Berry

TG4 have issued an apology after airing a caravan ad that went out on television shortly before a news bulletin about a death in Galway.

The controversial advertisement aired on Wednesday night – during Storm Ali – and shows beasts walking around.

One of the beasts picks up a caravan and kicks it into the water.

The video can be found here.

After the ad was played, the nuacht began on TG4 and the first story was about a woman in Galway who had died after her caravan had been blown off a cliff during Storm Ali.

TG4 told The Journal that they were extremely sorry for the incident.

“The ident is one of a series of six idents, running since 2013, which are auto scheduled. The ident broadcast ONCE yesterday, and was immediately removed from the schedule.

“TG4 sincerely apologise for the unfortunate scheduling of this ident and any undue stress caused.

“To my knowledge, we have not received any complaints in relation to this.”