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Game Of Thrones’ Next Episode Will Be The Longest In Its History

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Game of Thrones season 8 is now two episodes in and fans are well and truly obsessed.

With each new episode airing in the US on Sunday nights, it means that fans over in Ireland have to wait until 2am to tune in thanks to the time difference – or wait until it’s repeated at 9pm on Monday nights.

Next Monday’s episode will be the longest instalment in the show’s history, coming in at a feature-length time of an hour and 22 minutes.

The episode title is not yet known, while the teaser trailer description simply reads, “The Dead are already here.”

It sounds like it’s going to be an action-packed episode – it’s directed by Miguel Sapochnik who has famously directed some of GoT’s biggest battle scenes including the Emmy-winning Battle of the Bastards.

He’s directed two episodes in the final season, one of which Entertainment Weekly reports “is expected to be the longest consecutive battle sequence ever committed to film, and brings the largest number of GoT major characters together since the show’s debut episode in 2011”.

Fans will also be delighted to hear that every episode for rest of the series will be fairly lengthy, after episodes one and two clocked in at 54 and 58 minutes respectively.

Episode four will be almost as long as the previous one at an hour and 18 minutes. Five and six will both be an hour and 20 minutes in length.

You can watch the teaser trailer for episode 3 here:

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