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17th Nov 2018

PICS: One Part Of Last Night’s Late Late Show Has Been Trending #1 On Twitter Everywhere

Darragh Berry

On a very interesting edition of The Late Late Show, one guest stood out more than anyone else.

So much so, that just their name alone was trending on Twitter the minute after the programme played the outro music.

Glen Hansard was on the show to talk about music and his life but was plauded, and slated, for talking about this very important subject in Ireland.

Hansard – best known for his role in The Commitments, as lead singer of The Frame and for the musical ‘Once’. began talking about the housing crisis and you could see his blood begin to boil.

He described ministers talking about the homelessness crisis as laughable, stating that they were acting:

“I’ll give Simon Coveney my Oscar! These guys are such good actor”, he said.

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