PIC: Hurling Was On The Television In The Background Of This Award Winning US Comedy Sitcom Last Night

By the looks of things, it was Cork v Tipperary too

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When Nickie Quaid's amazing save for Limerick against Cork in the Semi-Final last year made waves in Sports Illustrated, it was a turning point in the sport which had transcended from a game watched by Irish people to a game that everybody the world over was fascinated.

You couldn't possibly explain hurling perfectly to someone. You could try your best but then they'd watch a match themselves and just be blown away by the speed, the skill and what looks like 30 men going to war with sticks.

The sport has gone global and it just shows how popular it's gotten the fact that it has now been featured on the award-winning sitcom, Bob's Burgers.

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It looks like they're showing an animated version of Cork v Tipperary too. Tipp look to be through on goal and the full-forward is after escaping his man so it looks like it was only a matter of seconds before they chalked three points on the board.

Poor old Cork, they can't even catch a break in cartoon form.

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