Ian Wright's Imitation Of Roy Keane's Cork Accent Ruled To Be "In Good Humour"

The exchange received a number of complaints from viewers...

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UK television watchdog Ofcom has ruled that an exchange between ITV pundits Roy Keane and Ian Wright was "intended in good humour" after complaints were received.

The pair argued after England's World Cup semi-final defeat to Croatia with Keane claiming that fans shouldn't have been getting ahead of themselves before reaching the final. While making his defence, Wright was repeatedly heard to mimic Keane's pronunciation of the word 'final' in an apparent attempt at a Cork accent.

A statement from Ofcom said:

“We carefully assessed complaints from viewers who objected to one pundit imitating another’s accent.

“However, we found the exchange was intended in good humour.”

The above photo posted the day after the exchange indicates that there were no hard feelings between the pair. If you missed out on the incident at the time, you can view it here.

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