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18th Nov 2018

PIC: A Massive Love/Hate Character Stars In Tonight’s Episode Of RTÉ’s ‘Taken Down’

Darragh Berry

The third episode of Taken Down hits our screens on Sunday night and as the series gets going at a serious pace, one of Love/Hate’s most memorable characters will feature in tonight’s episode.

His role in Love/Hate was short-lived (and rightly so, Tommy bet the shite into him after he sexually assaulted his drunk girlfriend, Siobhan) as he starred in one of these most horrific scenes ever played on Irish television.

Git was an IRA boss who’s death caused a lot of headaches for Nidge and the boys.

His son, Dano with help from the association were looking to make sure that their father’s death would not go unpunished, they just needed to prove that it was the trio that commited the murder.

Git’s body was buried on Fran’s land and Nidge put the heat on his friend and fellow gang member, Elmo.

Nidge kept his enemies close in his time as Dublin’s drug kingpin and even invited Dano to Siobhan’s 21st to show that he and his friends have nothing to hide.

The secret killing never got out and instead, Dano ended up meeting his maker after trying to rush proceedings, something the IRA were against.

Well, Jimmy Smallhorne who played, Christopher “Git” Loughman, will now take on the character of Gar in Taken Down.

That’s all the information we have on his new character at the moment and we guess all will be revealed tonight.

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